Life Lessons, Part 2

How can you afford to Let Go when it comes to what you want, even what is good?
An impactful story I heard from Scholé Sisters reminded me that there is someone molding our children (or us ); there is a potter, and it’s God. Our role as parents is God-given and vital and weighty, and it is also not The Only Hope, thank God. We are not the potter. Nothing can derail his work in us or our children when we commit both to him. We do what we can, we fight and we make God-glorifying choices, we teach and we protect and we persevere, perhaps with tears, and we equally calm our hearts when our good intentions are thwarted, knowing there is an invisible force underneath it all and at the end of the day we do not know what God has in store. 

Lessons abound during hard times, bad choices. And sometimes the lesson may be as simple as humility; that our way isn’t the only right way to do things. The only thing we can afford to control is hourly giving our control to God. Can we see beginning and end and mountain and valley? Does all of nature sing our hymn? If not, then perhaps there is someone better suited for the ordering of our lives. When we trust only ourselves, we’re susceptible to blindness, anger, anxiety, depression, judgmentalism, even exasperating our children and families. Trust God. 

This is not passive living, or “whatever happens, happens” and there’s no use in exerting effort. It’s the opposite; its constant action, consideration, prayer. Not growing weary in doing good. Taking life’s obstacles graciously and in stride. Always enduring. Reflecting Christ come what may. Continually sacrificing self. 

Far from passivity and nonchalance, letting go healthily comes from living life fully in God.



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