Life Lessons, Part 1

Recently I began an experiment in order to get through a stressful week. God surpassed my expectations and in His graciousness has taught me many things, mainly Flexibility, Joy, and Self-Forgetfulness, which I’d like to share in a few short posts.

As a result of this little endeavor, I’ve resolved simply to Become a flexible, joyful, self-forgetful person rather than wearing them for a season.

One might conclude that the easiest way to become flexible, even self-forgetful, is to not care, to convince ourselves how little anything matters, how hopeless it all is, but that’s hardly the godly, and especially not the happiest, way.

True, learning when circumstances are beyond our control and letting them go is paramount. Prevent when possible, speak our objections matter-of-factly, live our convictions personally, but when nothing can be done or when our objection is not accepted, Let Go. Put it away. Erase it and accept what is happening, and the sooner the better. And let go joyfully. It’s that desperate, frantic, stubborn grasping which creates anxiety and anger and overcrowds our being, leaving no room for beauty and delight and appreciation.

Above all, pray. God is our center, not routine or circumstance. Talk to him-praise him, confess temptations concerning bitterness, plead for his guidance and help. Lean on him. Remember his words, his nature, his truth. If we can understand this, then when plans are ruined, days are chaotic, disappointing, we can enjoy them and laugh at them and love those responsible for the detour, and be satisfied with what good we were presented (though we may have to hunt for the good when it’s comes in a form we didn’t envision).

“Only the boring get bored” they say, and what a motto to carry around in the pocket of our minds. Know that there is good to be found, lessons to be learned, joy to be had in every moment and we won’t find time for boredom and its irritable friends.

Be who we are-are we followers of Christ and recipients of the Holy Spirit? Then let us be who we are. Act like it. Know that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power. Power, not fear. Preach to ourselves. That’s the heart of it all, otherwise these would only be sentimental platitudes. The Holy Spirit of God resides within us, why do we fret as though He does not?

The world is watching. Where is our joy?



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