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Last year I had the opportunity to learn about an organization that provides grants for conservative Christina families to adopt. Operating solely off of donations and fundraisers, we’re looking forward to going to the second annual fundraiser/auction in our area later this year – many of those involved with this organization are friends of ours and I’ve enjoyed meeting a few of the families that were able to adopt with the help of Sacred Selections.

Knowing that if it is in the Lord’s will for us, we would really like to adopt in the future, my heart has been extra sensitive to stories of children in need and the families that are desperate to make room in their own homes for them.

So, I learned of Tania, a 15-year-old orphan in Ukraine(please check out the link above) and the family that is trying to raise money to adopt her before she turns 16 and the system renders her officially homeless.

“Armed with a 7th grade education and no life skills she will be expected to take care of herself. According to Ukraine statistics 70% of these girls turn to drug use and prostitution and 10% commit suicide. Her future is not bright.”

Simply, they could use our help and since opportunities to help in such a profound way don’t often fall in our laps, I thought I would share for all of those who are desirous to care for those in need.

Read more about(or donate to) Tania and the family trying to save her by visiting the link above, or here.

For more information about the annual fundraiser in the Indianapolis area:


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