My Husband, Special Post



Tomorrow is our two year anniversary. TWO WHOLE YEARS! It seems silly amidst all of the 15, 28 and 53 year anniversaries, nevertheless it’s special to me. We’ll be leaving for Gatlinburg in the morning, and my husband and I and our seven-month-old will take our first vacation as a family.

We are such a young, inexperienced and unwise couple, but I’ve learned a lot with the mister and I’d like to share the qualities that have made, and will continue to make this marriage possible.

1. Mutual love for God Being so young in the faith, we have much to learn. We’ve had our ups and downs, our failures and we’ve been going through some extra trying times lately, but having the standard of, and respecting God’s word makes managing our problems possible. We both know the “rules”, we’re both like-minded and we both know what is expected and what we’re working toward. Ultimately, we want to be “heirs together in the grace of life.” We ask God for help, we study together, we’ve determined to raise our children in a godly home and though we may stray, God’s word never changes. Loving God and obeying his commands takes the guess work out of making decisions and the stress out of the “situational ethics” idea.

If a husband and wife follow God’s will, the majority of marital problems can be eliminated. I’m grateful for a husband that applies verses that tell us to be kind, gentle, patient, longsuffering, slow to speak, slow to anger. Verses that tell husbands to dwell with their wives in understanding, that teach us how to manifest godly love, sorrow, forgiveness and mercy. Verses condemning adultery, lust, drunkenness, gambling, and not providing for your family.

I could continue my list in-depth about attributes of a successful marriage, but I realized anything we have going for us hangs upon that first point; any good and necessary traits we manifest are because of God’s word and our love for Him.

Also, we don’t have advice from ourselves that can’t be found in the Bible. We don’t pretend to be mature and wise, all-knowing or even successful in our marriage- because we aren’t. At all. Nope.

We simply go to the Bible with our problems, concerns, questions and decisions. I am positive that there have been successful, seriously-til-death-do-us-part marriages between non-Christians; I’m not debating. But I am equally as positive that those successful marriages implement Biblical principles in the way they treat each other and view circumstances, whether or not they realize it.

Whenever we aren’t doing well in our marriage, it is always a result of a spiritual lack on one or both of our parts. When we aren’t living as new creatures in Christ, things begin to crumble.

I have a long way to go, much to learn and so does my husband, but it’s his godly foundation and commitment that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this life.

Thank you for leading me spiritually, loving me for who I am, being loyal always and for our beautiful son. Thank you for marrying me and making sacrifices for our family and sticking with me through my sometimes persistent cantankerousness.


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