Baptism pt.2 (imported from Facebook notes)

Some of you know that we went to Louisville for an open discussion on baptism last night. I greatly respect the efforts of the men and want to share what I learned, eventually including a packet entitled, ‘Answering Arguments Against Baptism’

Right now, I want to share a portion of Aaron Earhardt’s speech that impressed me.

Often, when we express our belief in baptism, those in opposition tend to pit us against the blood of Christ. Aaron produced an excellent chart showing how we believe in both:

Blood & Baptism

Blood forgives sins- Mt 26:28
Baptism forgives sins- Ac 2:38

Blood washes away sins-Rev 1:5
Baptism washes away sins- Ac 22:16

Blood cleanses us- 1 Jno 1:7
Baptism cleanses us- Eph 5:26

Blood saves- Ro 5:9
Baptism saves- 1 Peter 3:21

So you see, as according to Scripture, we believe Christ’s blood is the ‘what’ and baptism the ‘when’ of being saved.

This is the first note of hopefully several on similar subjects. As I’ve said before, I want to write on topics pertaining to salvation because, well, we can all agree on the importance of salvation. I suggest to you there is a specific way Christ tells us to obtain salvation, contrary to the many man-made differing ways today. Let’s make sure our beliefs and lives are in line with God’s word.



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